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Brainwave started in a small backyard garage some 20 years ago. It came about because I required craft that were not available through other manufacturers. So, being a hands-on person with a building and design background along with a passion for racing paddlling craft, I decided to make my own boats and paddles.

Some of my early efforts were not what you would call resale quality and the mad scientist came out more than the practical manufacturer.  As more boats were made and more designs were developed the quality increased and the designs became more functional as well.  After several years of making craft for myself, and friends and the odd repairs, the hobby became a business and required more and more of my training and play time. 

In 2001 Brainwave became a company and I became a full time boat builder.

Now the focus is more on what you, the paddler, want and need, but every now and again the mad scientist rears its brainwaving head and goes out side the square.  Developments have happened in design and also in importing top quality products from Europe.



The aim is still to make and supply performance products for performance minded paddlers.


Thank you for having a look at what’s on offer at Brainwave


Mike Mead






Last updated: 4/07/13


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